PTA Programs/Events & Invitation to join committees
Tue, Aug 28 9:51am
College Park Elementary

Dear all new and returning families, 


Your PTA offers wonderful programs & events in partnership with our school to make the school year as much fun, educational, and memorable for all students. 


Here is a brief description of the programs and events for this year:



September 30, 2018 

PTA’s biggest community building event where families gather to celebrate traditions, arts, performances, carnival games, etc.

  • Come by a brainstorming session this Tuesday 9/4 at 8:15am at Lunch Court to share your vision and ideas!!



December 10 – 14, 2018 

A week to celebrate and encourage the love of reading! We invite authors to come in for a presentation, as well as community and family readers to read to students, book giveaway, and purchase autographed books, etc.

  • Need coordinators to help research, contact, and book authors



January 25, 2019 

Come enjoy a night of pizza and movie in the gym!



April 26, 2019 

A full day of Art & Science education where students participate in assemblies and hands-on workshops 

  • Need 4-5 coordinators to research Art or Science related professional performers on pricing and availability.  Suggestions please contact Shauna Lawry, Jerri Martin, or Emily Wang



May 13-17 2019

A week dedicated to show our appreciation to our teachers and staff. Past events such as a luncheon, farmer’s market, bubble tea, etc.  Welcome NEW IDEAS! 



June 19 2019

Finish off the school year with physical education and fun (10+ stations of games such as the Hockey Shot, Obstacle Course and Giant Clothes Relay Race).


In order to make an event come to life, we need a small group of parents help organize each of the program. Please sign up for a committee to help with the planning. Go to the left column on Konstella, click on "Committees", scroll down to "3. PTA", find your interest and click on "See openings" and then "Sign up".  Your time and effort truly makes a great difference!


Please message me if you have any questions. Thank you and looking forward to another remarkable year!


Pinkey Tsang (Mom of 2nd grader) 

VP of Program  PTA Board 2017-19