PTA WEEKLY PRESS Vol 1, No 7 February 25, 2020
Tue, Feb 25 9:54pm

Welcome to this Week’s PTA Weekly Press!

Vol I, No 7. February 25, 2020.

Every Tuesday during the school year, you will find CP PTA related information in the PTA Weekly Press. These are this week’s items: 

  1. Staff Appreciation Week
  3. Panda Parties
  4. School District’s Study Session of Our Magnet Schools
  5. Garden Club
  6. Online Shopping Links
  7. (**NEW**) Sports Basement
  8. Contact Info of PTA Board of Directors

If you’d like to help plan staff appreciation week, please come to the library tomorrow (Wednesday) morning at 8:15. It would be really great to get a few more people to help!

  1. FMS GALA MARCH 7, 2020

Relentlessly planning and executing the upcoming GALA, the undying devoted FMS parents of College Park and Bayside want to ensure enough funds are raised to sustain the great Mandarin programs at College Park and Bayside.  The GALA is set for next, next Saturday, March 7, 2020 at the Hilton Bayfront in Burlingame.  Get tickets, have a great time and contribute to the worthiest cause around these parts for our community.  Here’s the link:


There are several amazing PANDA parties coming up in March and attending Panda parties outside of school is a GREAT way to build a strong College Park community!  Attached is a flyer for March parties and a list of April parties. Due to a conflict, PP19-24 - 2020 Chinese New Year Feast with Dumpling Making from Scratch Party will be held on 3/8/20 and the registration for this party will stay open until Sunday, March 1, 2020.

Here is a link to our webstore:  

Please support our school's PTA and BUY BUY BUY!!  If any of the above parties are no longer on the website, please email Winnie ( if you wish to attend, and she will connect you with the host directly to try and accommodate you.  


Parents are asking about the School District’s Board of Trustees study session held last month.  Here’s some information:  During the study session, the Superintendent provided information on the history of magnet schools in the San Mateo-Foster City School District (Leeds, Fiesta Gardens, North Shoreview and College Park).  The overriding consideration was whether our schools equitably serve students across the specturum.  Like non-magnet schools, the District strives to deliver diversity in schools and serve everyone across the social economic and English learner spectrum. 

Pivoting off the study session, CP parents were asked in a previous PTA Weekly Press, to offer opinions and whether to invite the School Board to CP for an engagement to understand the breadth of learning Mandarin.  Since there is no question that learning Mandarin is a challenge, the engagement would include discussions of how best to support our students to help them successfully meet the challenge.  One opinion is to show the officials the breadth of programs the PTA – indeed the entire school - offer to set up the students for success – be they Asian, non-Asian, rich, poor or English learner. Another opinion is to invite the officials to observe a kinder class and engage with representatives from the CP community familiar with the issues and the best way to present CP community's ideas.

No other responses were received in connection with the question of whether to invite the School Board and her Superintendent to an engagement at CP.  Moving forward, the College Park PTA will ask the District to reinstitute Kuai Le and unless someone objects, the PTA will invite School District leaders and members of the School Board to an engagement at CP.  Let your thoughts be known: contact any one of your PTA Board members before the week ends.

  1. Garden club

Now that Eagle Scout and College Park alumni Felix Liu (’16) and volunteers he recruited have beautified our garden, we need a parent to oversee the Garden Club.  Look at the pictures in this week’s Panda Press – beautiful wood chipped grounds and awesome planters on premises waiting to be gardened.  Parents, really, don’t help the kids of the Garden Club because you get a free parking spot in the faculty parking lot; don’t do it because there is a nice budget.  Do it because our kids would grow and flow from your benevolence!   Come on; sow the seeds now!!!

Contact our Community Liaison - Connie Chang. 


If you are shopping online at any one of the below sites, please make sure to choose College Park Elementary School PTA as the charity you are supporting!

Amazon - use and choose College Park Elementary School PTA as the charity you would like to support.  

Good Eggs - if you are planning to try out this site  make sure to enter our school code pandapride and our PTA will automatically get $25 on your first order.

  1. (**NEW**) Sports Basement

If you shop at Sports Basement, please register at any Sports Basement location or online as a Sports Basement Basementeer and select College Park Elementary PTA - San Mateo as your beneficiary.  Becoming a Basementeer costs $25 (one-time fee), but in addition to annual Basementeer perks, your supporters (hopefully College Park Elementary PTA - San Mateo) will receive 10% off for life!!   

  1. Contact Info PTA Board of Directors 2019-2020 
  1. Principal                            Steven Chuang <>
  2. President                          Jon Wu <>
  3. Executive VP                    Pinkey Tsang <>
  4. Secretary                          Doug Christini <>
  5. Treasurer                          Cathy Lin <chang1213@hotmail.comdo >
  6. Financial Secretary         Jennifer Li <>
  7. VP Membership              John Gieseker <>
  8. VP Programs                    Shauna Lawry <>
  9. VP Fundraising                 Winnie Tungpagasit <>,
  10. Community Liaison         Connie Chang Chinchio <>
  11. Historian                           Theresa Shek <>
  12. Auditor                             Hsuan-Pei Lin <>,
  13. Parliamentarian              Allison Ng <>