PTA Weekly Press Vol I, No 10. Tuesday March 17, 2020.
Tue, Mar 17 10:09pm

Welcome to this Week’s PTA Weekly Press!

Vol I, No 10. March 17, 2020.

Every Tuesday during the school year, you will find CP PTA related information in the PTA Weekly Press.   This week we have a movie Principal Chuang found for us plus the following:


Our PTA Annual Meeting and General Election, scheduled for today, Tuesday, March 17, 2020 was ….. cancelled!  Cancellation is the new normal under C-19, as to be expected.  What is the new normal?  These …..



DLP (Distance Learning Program)

Cancel everything (except DLP)

Covid-19 website

Elbow bump

Knuckle bump

Social distancing

Panic with a smile 


Very likely there are, and will be more new normals - feel free to add to the list by any means you wish! 

We have to give shout outs to our Board of Education Trustees, her Superintendent, our school principal and our teachers as they launch DPL during new normal for our community!  We must also acknowledge our loving para-educators, our Mandarin aids and our ubiquitous, caring, room parents and their coordinators! They’ve been emailing homework explanations and distributing packages of educational materials as well as keeping everyone abreast of developments.

In addition to the natural challenges that come with starting a new program, we may also experience technical problems. The College Park and North Central community has been extending great kindness and concern for one another.  May we continue to carry on with humility in these strange, uncertain and unprecedented times and remain patient with ourselves and one another!!

Here's a movie in Mandarin (thank you Principal Chuang) showing how people with different social-economic status manage their life to get through difficult times: 


Now here’s a message from another CP mom , Dr. Vickie Pao full of  TLC for our children: 

Are you using this time at home to revisit old books, toys and games?  declutter?  organize?  As we transition to the Distance Learning model over the next several weeks, the Literacy Week committee want to remind you that sharing the love of reading can still happen in an era of social distancing! 


Especially since school and city public libraries have to close, our little blue library outside the gym is more coveted than ever!  It's open year-round and in need of restocking.  If you are out on an essential errand, please feel free to drop off books (in good condition).  Books for any ages/reading levels are always welcome.


When it comes to how you interact with your Little Free Library or that of others, we defer to your judgment and what is going on locally. If you are sick, stay away from your Little Free Library and don’t share books. If that is not the case, then the approach is up to you. Your library stewards are washing their hands and using hand sanitizer and regularly checking your library and the books inside.  Also, if you, or someone you know, happen to be handy, our library could use a new faceplate (clear plastic window) to protect it from the elements - the rain can ruin a nice set of books! 
Happy Reading & Stay Healthy!

Thank you so much, Dr.  Pao!!


Everyone:  See you back here next Tuesday and meanwhile, let a PTA board member know your concerns.  Please keep in touch!

Contact Info PTA Board of Directors 2019-2020 

  1. Principal                           Steven Chuang <>
  2. President                          Jon Wu <>
  3. Executive VP                   Pinkey Tsang <>
  4. Secretary                          Doug Christini <>
  5. Treasurer                          Cathy Lin <chang1213@hotmail.comdo >
  6. Financial Secretary         Jennifer Li <>
  7. VP Membership              John Gieseker <>
  8. VP Programs                    Shauna Lawry <>
  9. VP Fundraising                Winnie Tungpagasit <>
  10. Community Liaison       Connie Chang Chinchio <>
  11. Historian                           Theresa Shek <>
  12. Auditor                             Hsuan-Pei Lin <>
  13. Parliamentarian               Allison Ng <>