PTA Weekly Press Vol I, No 2
Tue, Jan 21 11:14pm

Hello Everyone connected with College Park - Welcome to another PTA Weekly Press.  Every Tuesday during the school year, you will find CP PTA related information in this Weekly Press, such as the below:


San Mateo-Foster City School District Board of Trustees’ Study Session – Magnet Schools


The SMFC School District Board of Trustees, subject to federal and state education laws and guidelines, sets policies for our school district.  As such, the Board hires the Superintendent to implement policy, who in turn hires principals for the schools, who in turn run a school, such as College Park Elementary School.


Last Thursday, January 16, 2019, our Board held a special Study Session on magnet schools, of which College Park is one of four without boundaries in the School District.  At the Study Session, the Board received information from our Superintendent Joan Rosas, D.Ed. concerning current magnet policy, neighborhood set asides, and socio-economic balance in the magnet schools. The Board wants to know the State of Our Magnet Schools and whether our magnet schools comply with laws requiring equity, broadly defined to mean inclusion of socio-economically disadvantaged and English learning children.  Lead Elementary has the highest percentage of socio-economically disadvantaged students at 69.5%. Obviously, Lead serves the disadvantaged.  College Park has the lowest percentage of socio-economically disadvantaged students at 4.4%.  So what to do to be inclusive?  Set aside seats for the disadvantaged?  Close it down to avoid problems?  Ignore the federal guidelines since we are not receiving federal magnet funding?  Whoo…     


Some CP parents want to invite the SMFC SD Board of Trustees to the campus to engage in the discussion of how to best operate CP and be inclusive.  What do you think?  Let a PTA Board Member your thoughts.


CP Nominating Committee searching for PTA Board Member/officer candidates.


Contact CP Nominating Committee and PTA Board member Connie Chang Chinchio  if you would like to be considered for a position on the PTA Board for next year.  The NC will be sending the slate of officer candidates to the General Assembly for consideration in February.  Hurry and contact Connie! 


Social Emotional Workshop for Parents at the General Assembly Wed 1/29 6:00pm:  CP Gym

The next PTA General Assembly is rescheduled from 01/24 CNY eve to Wednesday, January 29th at 6:00pm.  It will be followed by the Social Emotional Workshop led by our PBIS (Positive Behavioral Intervention and Support) team of teachers.  Teachers/guest speaker will share how parents can help students develop SEL skills. Childcare for K-5th available. 

The General Assembly is the time all PTA members voice their opinions and also decide how we spend PTA funds. If you're not a member you won't have a vote.  Easily join the PTA online at  The membership fee is $10. Questions, please contact VP of Membership John Gieseker <>