PTA Weekly Press. Vol I, No 19. June 9, 2020
Tue, Jun 9 11:07pm

Welcome to this Week’s PTA Weekly Press!

Vol I, No 19.  June 9, 2020.

Every Tuesday during the school year, you will find CP PTA related information in the PTA Weekly Press. These are this week’s items:


  1. College Park parents selected to join Interviewing Panel in School District’s search for principal position at College Park.
  2. New Families Welcome set for Jun 10, 2020.
  3. June 17 Last Day of School will end with 17th District PTA General Meeting: The Future of Our Schools.
  4. Volunteers sought for 2020 Yearbook.
  5. Contact Info of PTA Board of Directors (plus list of officers-elect for 2020-2021).
  1. College Park parents selected to join Interviewing Panel in School District’s search for principal position at College Park.

A big shout out of thanks to the parents who have agreed to serve on the School District’s Interviewing Panel.  The parents were chosen because they represent a broad representation of College Park including PTA and FMS leadership, English, Mandarin, GATE experience and involvement between the school community, staff and the school district.  The interviews are scheduled for this Friday, June 15, 2020.  These are the College Park parent-participants: 

John Gieseker – PTA president-elect 2020-2021; former VP Membership and significant fundraising contributor.  His wife, former emergency room physician Tiffany Truong, is also actively involved at College Park, including serving as room parent and event facilitator of class specific events such as field trips.  Their daughter is a raising fourth grader.

Yining Wang – Member of 2016 Interview Panel for College Park school principal; fluent Mandarin and member of Board of Directors of FMS.  Ms. Wang is also a significant contributor and coach of College Park’s award-winning Chinese New Year Parade Team.  Her son is a raising graduate of GATE at Bayside and an alum of College Park; her daughter is a raising fourth grader.

Connie Chang Chinchio – PTA VP Membership-elect and current community liaison.  Frequently attends SMFC SD Board of Trustee meetings; recently obtained significant funding from SM County to promote Census 2020 at College Park.   Born and raised in San Mateo and learned Mandarin as an elective language during primary and secondary schools.  She and husband consistently help and attend every College Park PTA event.  Both are PhDs in Physics (Cornell Univ).   They have a raising second grader and a raising fourth grader.

Two parents have agreed to serve as back-ups:

Sherry Tien – Room parent and active participant in College Park events.  Most recently chaired the FMS Comic Strip contest.  She has a Raising second grader and raising fifth grader.

Susan Payrovi, MD – Ms. Payrovi and her husband are frequent contributors of Class Specific events, including field trips, Confucius Day, Art and Science and many others.  One of her sons is a raising fourth grade GATE and her other son is a raising second grader. 

  1. New Families Welcome set for Jun 10, 2020 at 6 pm.

Principal Steven Chuang will host the traditional New Families Welcome and Orientation set for Wednesday, June 10, 2020 at 6 pm.  Joining the principal in welcoming kinders and GATE families will be PTA and FMS board members.   Here is the Zoom link to join:

Topic: New Families Orientation
Time: Jun 10, 2020 06:00 PM Pacific Time (US and Canada)
Join Zoom Meeting
Meeting ID: 737 6211 0118
Password: 9zY4Rr


  1. June 17 Last Day of School will end with 17th District PTA General Meeting: The Future of Our Schools.

Please join us for the

17th District PTA General Meeting: The Future of Our Schools

Wednesday, June 17, 2020 - via Zoom Virtual Meeting

6:30 PM - 8:00 PM.

FREE for PTA/PTSA members in San Mateo County

Advance registration required - RSVP by Monday, June 15

Special Guests Nancy Magee, San Mateo County Superintendent of Education will report on the latest information and issues facing public schools in San Mateo, and Carol Kocivar, Past President of California State PTA , will share information about “Schools and Communities First”, a statewide initiative that will be on the November.

Hear PTA leaders on PTA tools and programs that make your PTA/PTSA tasks easier, efficient, and fun! Get updates on workshops (via Zoom) for incoming PTA/PTSA officers!

Additional meeting information will be emailed to registered participants, including the Zoom link to join the meeting.

  1. Volunteers sought for 2020 Yearbook.

Take a look at the announcement posted in today, June 9. 2020’s Konstella by YearBook guru David Beltran.  He’s asking for volunteers to collect photos to make this year’s Distance Learning Yearbook the best!!  Join him in publishing the most memorable yearbook of a most memorable year! Ever!!

5.Contact Info PTA Board of Directors 2019-2020 

  1. Principal                          Steven Chuang
  2. President                          Jon Wu <>
  3. Executive VP                    Pinkey Tsang <>
  4. Secretary                          Doug Christini <>
  5. Treasurer                          Cathy Lin <chang1213@hotmail.comdo >
  6. Financial Secretary         Jennifer Li <>
  7. VP Membership              John Gieseker <>
  8. VP Programs                    Shauna Lawry <>
  9. VP Fundraising                Winnie Tungpagasit <>,
  10. Community Liaison         Connie Chang Chinchio <>
  11. Historian                           Theresa Shek <>
  12. Auditor                             Hsuan-Pei Lin <>,
  13. Parliamentarian              Allison Ng <>

Elected 2020-2021 PTA Officers:

President: John Gieseker

Exec VP: Pinkey Tsang

Treasurer: Cathy Lin

Secretary: Doug Cristini

Financial Secretary: Cathy Szeto

Programs: Shauna Lawry

Fundraising: Winnie Tungpagasit

Community Liaison: Otto Rodriguez-Batres 

Membership: Connie Chang

Historian: Theresa Shek

Auditor: Paul Willard 

Parliamentarian:  Drake Lobo (to be appointed by President-elected)