Panda Parties For Our School - We Need YOU!!! Deadline Today 9/10/2018
Mon, Sep 10 3:33pm
College Park Elementary
Dear Families and Teachers,
Host THAT Panda Party everyone wants to go to! 
You can make it happen!  Please consider party hosting for Jan-June 2019.  We are halfway to our goal of 80 parties! 
Dumpling making, lego building, drink mixing,  poker playing, movie watching, board gaming,  arts and crafting, DIY gardening, costume and role playing... these are just a few ideas,  but you have more! 
If you have already submitted a party, THANK YOU! Consider partnering with different families, and host another one!  ;)
Please message "Sonya Chan" on Konstella with questions.
Thank you,
Panda Party Committee