Panda Parties Webstore ISSUES - RESOLVED!!
Mon, Sep 30 11:15pm

Friends, it seems that you are so awesome that we have overwhelmed our PTA Panda Party Webstore!  Please be patient!  We may need to wait for support tomorrow morning to completely rectify the overload. In the meantime, if you make purchases and are charged multiple times, please know that the PTA will make you whole and will reimburse duplicate payments.  We have noticed that is you are using a regular credit card the webstore seems to be OK but if you are using paypal it has some issues.   If you hit the purchase button more than once on Paypal, it will charge you again even though it gives you an error message.   Also, if parties end up accidentally oversold, we will determine participants using purchase time stamps.  So sorry for the trouble!  We are grateful for your participation and grace! PandaPower! 


** Fellow parents, our webstore is back to "normal" and you are able to continue purchasing panda parties on the Webstore.  We are in the process of figuring out the duplicates and clearing them from the webstore.  We will also be issuing refunds for duplicate purchases and oversold items.  We appreciate your patience! 


We have several parties in October that are available.  Why not have some fun with your kids or attend an adult event and support the PTA at the same time!  Attached is the Flyer for October parties including a list of November parties as well.


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