PandaFest Thank You!
Mon, Sep 30 3:22pm

Thank you so much to everyone that came out to celebrate PandaFest! It was really great seeing so many College Park families enjoying the games, getting messy with slime, eating yummy food, and generally having a good time.

A special thanks to:

Kim Stafford, Roxanne Jen,  and Jocelyn Pang on the planning team for all your wonderful ideas and hard work behind the scenes.

Principal Chuang for opening the campus early to us on Saturday and Sunday, and the janitor Lekeni for keeping things neat and tidy.

PTA President Jon Wu for arriving at 9:30 to help set up and staying until everything was put back away!

Stephanie Chu for the banner and flyer design.

CP alum Abe Yeager for wearing the Panda Suit and keeping everyone entertained.

And Gigi Chiu and Yen Pang for facilitating and donating the ever popular cotton candy and ice cream stands.

We couldn't have had the day without the amazing 4th and 5th grade Game Monitors. Your enthusiasm  for the event and for giving back to your school was inspiring. Especially those who signed up for extra shifts so the game stations could stay open! 

Abigail Li, Ada Peretz, Addison, Aheli Baiju, Alannah Malone, Alexa Shen, Allyssa Han, Ana Yang, Audrey Young, Austen Ying, Ava Choe, Avalina (Lina) Wu, Bethany Dang, Blythe Lee, Caroline Chen, Charlotte Kim, Cherise Li, Chloe Lim, Connor Hoang, Daphne Tzeng, Elizabeth Yuan, Ella Teng, Emma Acosta, Eva Shen, Evan Chuang, Felicity Chow, Hannah Walsh, Henry Quaresma, Isaac Cheung, Jana Davies, Jedd So, Jeremy Lim, Jonah Ng, Jordan Koob, Jose Barajas, Kalea Lee, Kara Chea, Kyan Mayenkar, Kyle Ing, Leilani Morales, Liam Ru, Lucas Berliner, Lucas Hsu, Lucas Ku, Lucas Zhang, Lukas Kawano, Maddie Lee, Marcus Wong, Maximillian Lee, Melanie Feng, Mya Nguyen, Naomi Dang, Neko Javahari, Niko Russell, Pierson Chard, Quinlan Belen Henroid, Ryan Li, Sara Chiguchi, Sasha Rana, Selena Chui, Semma Gitler, Simon Lin, Skylin Yee, Sophia Tsu, Troy Roser, Valieria Quezada, Valierie Loo, Vanessa Chan, and Yash Toradmal.

Day of Volunteers:

Jon Wu, Mae Lai, Miyon Young, Doug Christini, Alexandra Lew, Kelly Lan, Carol Chang, Dora Mok, Fong Wang, Mariko Kimura, Stella Song, Thao Le, Ana Li, Allison Ng, Helen Davis, Seth Davis, Wayne Teng, Lydia Lam, Peter Shen, Joanne Adamkewicz, Stella Song, Andrew Young, Stephanie Zheng, Miki Chiguchi, Rich Rana, Jessica Tan, Leia Austin, Lydia Lam, Gigi Chiu, Angela Wong, Cecilia Tzeng, Nana Shen, Michelle Chen, Jeanette Acosta, Lena Yang, Liz Yeager, Yali Zhu, Hsuanpei Lin, Oraphan Mayenkar, Deanna Gondai, Edna Kim, Connie Chang, Sharon Wu, Hong Liu, Jennifer Li, Lara Heisler, Mairead Ni Raghallai, Cathy Szeto, Cathy Lin, Jennifer Liao, Vicky Palo, and Karen Belen Henroid. PLUS the many, many parents who stepped in to help wherever they saw a need. We couldn't have done it without you.

And finally, thank you for all of the food and money donations!

Carmen Choy, Edna Kim, Joanne Adamkewicz, Michelle Ke, Vivian Matsuyama, Katie Lau, Heather Javaheri, Vivian Wang, Grace Ho, Rachel Chang, Cathleen Chau, Amy Lau, Grace Mao, Tina Nguyen, Ana Li, Stephanie Petit, Laura Ing, Karen Luo, Mariko Kimura, Jennifer Chiou, Emily Chang-Ito, Allison Ng, Fong Wang, Rachel Chang, Edna Kim, Tom Khamkoon, Mariko Kimura, Hsuanpei Lin, Sandy Chou, Stephanie Zheng, and Hong Liu.

And if I forgot anyone, thank you to you too!

Shauna Lawry

PTA, VP of Programs