Principal Chuang's resignation!!
Wed, May 6 10:00pm

Just as a reminder, the School District Board of Trustee’s Meeting is Thursday, May 7 at 6:30pm. Over the course of the last few weeks, the PTA has received many questions and concerns about distance learning, its impact on next year’s learning, and more recently about the district’s plans for hiring a new principal. The PTA officers, like you, do not have the answers. By attending the School Board meeting you will gain insights into what the district is planning going forward.  More importantly, it is the main forum for raising any concerns you’d like the district to know about.  Your PTA officers encourage all parents to attend and voice your concerns, particularly in regards to the status of an orderly transition into next school year.   

 Here’s the zoom sign on:

If you’d like to speak during the meeting, you must raise your hand in the Zoom forum before the start of the meeting - do it 15 minutes or so before the meeting.  You may be called during item 5.1  on the agenda (Public Statements Related to non-agenda Topics) .   You will be allowed to speak once they call on you.  Please note that the Board will not answer any specific questions but will make note of the questions or comments you raise.