REMINDER--Donate to FMS on Giving Tuesday, Nov 27th and Facebook will Match Your Donation!
Mon, Nov 26 9:37pm
College Park Elementary


DON'T FORGETDonate to FMS on Giving Tuesday, 11/27 starting at 5:00am Pacific Time and Facebook will match your donation! 

WE NEED YOUR SUPPORT! As of October 31, 2018, FMS has raised only $64,320 or 28% of our fundraising goal of $232,500.  We still need to raise over $160,000 to support the College Park and Bayside Mandarin programs for next year.

Donate on Tuesday, 11/27 starting at 5:00am at the following link:



  • Matching starts at 5:00am Pacific time on, Tuesday, 11/27.  If you donate before then, your donation will not be matched
  • You must be logged into your Facebook account in order to donate
  • Facebook will match up to $250,000 for FMS!
  • Matching lasts until FMS reaches its limit, or the total Facebook match for all non-profits reaches $7 million

Thank you for your support!

Nhi Huynh

FMS Chair