Readathon Update
Tue, Feb 5 10:15pm
College Park Elementary

Friends, your Panda Pride should be swelling!  


As usual, College Park is leading the District Readathon in average donations per student ($22.83).  Foster City Elementary is ahead in raw dollars but they also have about 400 more students than we do. 


Those of you who have not yet donated may be able to help us match last year's College Park average of $31.22 per student.   Pledges will be accepted and minutes tracked through Friday.  Make a pledge now to help your classrooms jump up a level.  Ms. DeVito's class is only $25 away from Platinum!


Silver: Chang (Celine), Ho, Pencek, Lowe, Barry

Gold: Shi, Liu, DeVito, Young, Yeh, Wu (Pam), Milburn, Lu

Platinum: Chau, Walsh