Recap of 1st College Park PTA General Assembly Meeting
Wed, Aug 29 11:47am
College Park Elementary

Thank you College Park families for attending the 1st PTA General Assembly meeting of the school year.  We had record attendance thanks to all that were able to attend. For those that were not able to attend, here is the high level recap (refer to attached PPT and minutes for the full details):


  • Remind three organizations that we recommend College Park families to donate:
    • PTA, $425,
    • FMS, $500,
    • Ed Foundation, $100,


  • Principal Chuang shared on the staff changes, Better Immersion, upcoming October Taiwan trip, and the five points of how College Park was the only school in our district to receive the 2017-2018 California Distinguished School Award.  


  • A record number of parents lined up to submit fingerprints, paying the $50 fingerprinting fee, so they may volunteer!   Submitting fingerprints is a School District policy and prerequisite to volunteering at schools.


  • Great presentations by the teachers whose positions are funded in whole or in part by the PTA.  Gifford Calenda (computer lab manager) showed slides illustrating all that our kids learn in the lab.  Linda Sutanto shared on the science that our kids learn. It was thrilling to hear about our kids’ observing the incubation of several eggs that produced two chicks.
  • Sarah Sherwood presented on the Garden Club.  Great event where kids get to measure and garden.  This is held every Wed right after school starting Sept 26th.  She needs volunteers.


  • Sam Tam shared on MCC (Math Concepts Club) on behalf of Ka Wai Tam.  This meets every Thursday evening. Reminder that MCC is not meant to help math homework, the kids are introduced to math concepts of high school and college level.
  • Cathy Szeto presented on both the Treasurer’s and Financial Secretary’s reports.  The 2018-2019 budget, pie charts on how PTA spends the money, how PTA raises money.  Finance motions were voted on and approved.


  • PTA Community Liaison John Gieseker shared on Measure V that is upcoming November parcel tax ballot measure.  Motion voted passed for PTA to support this measure. Please consider donating directly via


  • PTA VP of Membership Theresa Shek provided a PTA membership update.  Our goal is 100%. Reminder membership is $10/person. This is separate from PTA donation.  This is important to give yourself a voice to vote at PTA meetings and support the bigger state PTA that advocates for all of us.


  • PTA VP of Fundraising Helen Davis presented on the Yubbler School School fundraiser results, calling for Restaurant Fundraiser liaison support and PANDA PARTY HOSTs (sign-up deadline 9/10/2018).


  • PTA VP of Programs Pinkey Tsang presented on PTA programs 2018-2019.  Literacy Week, Movie Night, Art & Science Day, Teacher Appreciation, and Field Day.  Please sign-up on Konstella to help coordinate at one of these programs.


  • Nhi, President of Friends of Mandarin Scholars shared that Family Fun is set for Sep 9, 2018 from 1 to 4.  Free, fun activities for all at Laurie Meadows Park. 111 Laurie Meadows Drive San Mateo. FMS will again sponsor CP at the Chinese New Year parade on Feb 23, 2019 and also mark your calendars for the Gala:  Mar 16, 2019.


Circling back to volunteering:  PTA’s theme this year is Thank All Parent Volunteers!   Many, many College Park parents volunteer at the school. The tasks they assume are very wide ranging: design and implement unique programs for the entire CP community, lead kids in science projects, inspire love for literature by reading to classes and by bringing authors on campus.  The high rate of parent involvement resulting in great PTA programs is considered by the State of California in bestowing Distinguished School Awards. The recognition is made in conjunction with the Federal Government’s No Child Left Behind Act. We need your support!!!

Jon Wu, PTA President, father of 2nd grader and of a former CP graduate.