Rummage Sale 2019/Thank You
Tue, Jun 4 8:17am
College Park Elementary
Thank you College Park for an amazing Panda Market Rummage Sale!  With the commitment from our great team, including  Roxanne Jen-Operations Coordinator, Amy Tatsutani-Marketing Coordinator, Jocelyn Pang-Volunteer Coordinator, Eddy Hsu and Ingrid Yen-Collection Coordinators, we netted $3500 in our one day event selling to the community!  
As with every campus event, it takes the volunteers to make it a success.  We would never be able to accomplish this without the generous donations from our College Park families, our volunteers to sort the week of the rummage sale and the volunteers who came out to help set up, manage the booths and clean up.  
We would like to recognize Sandra Palma, Jose Reyes, Carmen Choy, Noelle Chard, Jennifer Lu, Amy Lau, Marissa Cannon, Doug Christini, Mona Reeves, Jessica Polakow, Bobby Jen, Sean Tatsutani, Tom Monaghan, Stephen Pang, Brian Charen, Panida Suwanpatumierd, Miyon Young, Andrew Young, Diana Chung, Cathy Szeto, Linda Hsiao, Brooke Yang, Yen Pang, David Wong, Dora Mok, Ivy Lo, Junichi Gondai, Liz Yeager, Jennifer Lin, Jon Wu, Ryan Lew, Chelsea and Elizabeth Yuan, Shereen Yap, Stacey Lin, Allison Ng, Kapo Yeung, Christine Chou, Emily Chang-Ito, Emily Wang, Sarah Santiago, Thao Le, Jack Chiang, Laura Ing, Sherry Tien, Katie Lau, Momoe Fu, Diana Takayama, and Principal Chuang for their time and energy in putting on such a successful rummage sale!
We would also like to thank our vendors, Sing Sang Jewelry and Gerver's Papusa & Taco Truck, for supporting our fundraising event.
Roxanne Jen, Amy Tatsutani, and Jocelyn Pang
Rummage Sale 2019 coordinators.