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Greetings Parents and Teachers! Welcome back! We hope you had a fabulous summer.


Let's make this coming year a great one for the PTA and our kids by hosting some amazing Panda Parties!!


Click here to sign up by September 10



Not sure how to host a Panda Party? Read on...


What's a Panda Party - Panda Parties are events hosted by parents and teachers. Parties can be for family friendly, kids only, or adults only. Hosts assume the cost of the event and take care of party logistics.  Attendees pay PTA to attend the party.  This is PTA's largest annual fundraiser. The parties are great community builders and so much fun!


How to host a Panda Party:

Who: You are the host! Feel free to host the event solo, or team up with other parents or teachers to co-host an event.

What: Think of a party idea! The party can be small or large. Consider # of attendees, age range and ticket price. Let the committee know if you need help with these details.

When: Choose a Date & Time.

Where: Choose a location. You can host the workshop at a home, park or other location. If using a public venue that has a rental fee, ask the facility to donate the rental fee, if possible. Unfortunately, we cannot accommodate family-hosted workshops on the College Park campus unless you partner with a teacher.

How: To host a party, please fill out the google form here. Then, start organizing the event! A Panda Party Committee member will furnish your list of attendees so you can start communicating with them about the party details.


The deadline for Party idea submission is September 10.


Need a Party idea?

Don't be shy! The committee can help you explore ideas & provide guidance.

Parties can be kid-only, parent-only or family friendly.

Parties can be limited to certain grades.


Sample Ideas:

  • Parents love parties where they can drop off the kids for 2 hours so that they can enjoy date night. Example: Pizza night and a DVD movie at your house  for 6-8 kids;
  • Parents love parties where they enjoy good food & good company. Example: Seafood boil for 12 people, Chinese dinner for 4 families, Peruvian Dinner for 15
  • Kids love crafts. Example: Halloween party, Christmas ornament making party, Wreath making party.
  • Kids love to learn new skills. Examples: Sewing, making soap, preparing sushi, making animal-shaped steamed buns
  • Kids love to get together to play popular games. Examples: Exploding Kittens Game Night, Minecraft, Pokemon, Family Game Night.


Questions? Please contact Sonya Chan (




Thank you!

The 2018-19 Panda Party Committee