Sign Up for Panda Parties for 2019-2020 CLOSED
Thu, Sep 12 1:02am

Thank you everyone who has signed up to host a PANDA PARTIES!!  So great to be at a school with such great parent participation.  The sign-ups are officially closed.   If you have a great idea that you did not get to sign-up, don't forget to plan ahead and host a party next year!!!This year's parties will be revealed at the PandaFest on Sunday, September 29, 2019!!   Make sure you attend to check out all the GREAT parties that will be available.  The parties will be available to purchase on 9/29/19 after the PandaFest at 6 p.m. on our PTA webstore.  


Here's the link to the webstore:


Some of the popular Panda Parties do sell out quickly so don't forget to come to the PandaFest to preview the list on 9/29/19 and be ready to purchase at 6pm!!  



(on behalf of 2019-2020 Panda Party Committee)


**  Reminder that the Fall Drive and the class competition is still on-going and will end Wednesday 9/25/19!  If you have not donated, here's the link to donate to our school's PTA:   The requested ask is $500/child but every donation counts!!  Give your child the gift of education and donate now!!  Link to the video by our kids pleading