Tue, Oct 2 1:28pm
College Park Elementary
THANK YOU COLLEGE PARK for a spectacular Moon Festival!!
We raised over $7,500 which helped us reach the fundraising goal for THIS event by 200%. Our students and families having the most wonderful time and creating unforgettable memories - priceless! 
Thanks to the super efficient planning team putting the event together in less than a month: Jerri Martin, Adeline Lim, the power of Kinder parents: Shereen Yap, Jennifer Louie, Kim Stafford. 
Program pamphlet/flyer design: Catherine Immanuel    
Thank you parents who volunteered to bring in/manage such wonderful activities: Emily Wang & Shauna Lawry (A&S Day Slime Table), Connie Chang (Arts & Craft), Carol Chang (Giant bubbles & Game Wheel), Thao Le (Decorations), Gigi Chiu (Cotton Candy), Yen Pang (Ice Cream), Belle Chiew & Andrew Chiu (Photobooth), Sherri Tien (Fishing under the Moon) 
Energetic 4th/5th grade Game Monitors:
Allison Chu, Amelia Chang, Amelie Wiegand, Ashlyn So, Athena Chui, Audrey Tiao, Camille Antiporda, Chloe Yu, Clare Wolter, Danger Lee, Dylan Chua, Gordon Cheng, Iris Wong, Jacey Xu, Jordon Koob, Kendrick Cheung, Kimmy Cheung, Lina Wu, Matthew Wang, Naomi Huang, Naomi Pun, Ryan Kung, Samantha Ku, Stephanie Rodriquez, Talia Armstrong, Tiffany Ta, Abigail Li, Braden Chiu, Elizabeth Yuan, Felicity Ma, Gabriel Simonson, Gemma Takayama, Isaac Cheung, Kara Chea, Kyle Ing, Lexin Gitler, Lucas Berliner, Maximillian Lee, Michelle Deninger, Naomi Dang, Ryan Leong, Skylin Yee, Valerie Loo, Vidhu Thirunarari, Henry Farrow, Poema Bowen, Jacklyn Wang, Lucas Kawano, Quinlan Henroid, Connie Ha’s 8th grader and Momoe Fu’s 6th grader. A very special thanks to the parents who came out to help with the lunch training session with the students: Carol Chang, Stephanie, Christina Jia, Judy Lam, and Nicole Wiegand
Volunteers of the day:
Jon Wu, Lara Heisler, Cathleen Chau, Nellie Tam, John Gieseker, Emily Chang-Ito, Cheng Hu, Sandy Yu, Christina Jia, Rian Aldridge, Danielle & Chuck Johnson, Judy Lam, Shauna Lawry, Miyon Young, Vivian Yeh, Susan Wong, Li Chen, Annie Guan, Linda Sutanto, Eliana Armstrong, Annie Chau, Jennifer Lu, Panida Suwanpatumlerd, Ying Zhang, Cathy Szeto, Dora Mok, Ross Ikuma, Mark Russel, Ivan Buljan, Rhyen Lee, Helen Davis, Ana Valdillez, Dorothy Cheung, Lauren & Yusuke Miyashita, Kim Smyth, Amy Lau, Peter Shen, Joanne Adamkewicz, Yeda Tsang, Cynthia Dang, Brian Yu, Kelly Sui, Serena Lau, Nana Shen, Jennifer Lau, Jeana Deninger, Todd Berliner, Leslie Chew, Maggie Chen, Yi Kong, Charlotte Lum-Ku, Serena Lau, Emily Russel, Momoe Fu, Angela Wu, Edna Kim, Sandi Wong, Jill Liang, Liz Yeager, Diana Takeyama, Nhi Hyunh, Alice Kang.  Thank you Karen Chi for the photos! PLUS the many parents who stepped in to help wherever there was a need. 
Thank you for your food/money donation: 
Alice Wen, Maggie Chen, Jennifer Lu, Annie Chau, Sarah Tsang, Stella Song, Panida Suwanpatumlerd, Rhyen Lee, Ivan Buljan, Wallace Lee, Edna Kim, Dorothy Cheung, Emily Chang-Ito, Stephanie Ta, Connie Chen, Lea McGettigan, Vivian Yeh, Cari Pang Chen, Paige Christini, Kae Kwong, Meredith Yeh, Emily Russel, Xiaoli Qin, Heidi Tyan, Cnythia Dang, Connie Chang, Linda Hsiao, Ana Li, Todd Berliner, Cynthia Chow, Cathleen Chau, Allison Ng, Lara Heisler, Kelly Sui, Jennifer Lu, Stephanie Petit, Shauna Lawry, Dora Mok, Tina Nguyen, Judy Lam, Jennifer Louie, Helen Davis, Carmen Choy, Suzanne Lee, Grace Ang, Emily Wang, Shereen Yap, Yen Pang, Laura Ing, Rachael Chang, Vivian Latsuyama, Amy Yip, Sandy Chou, Melissa Lim, Joanne Adamkewicz, Rebecca Sheng
AMAZING feedback on performances! You guys were ROCK STARS! CP students: Sophie Hu, Isabella Moudry, Brandon Chen, Jacey Xu, Reina Ito, Leilani Morales, Chang'e Drama, Kung Fu, and Martial Arts team. Panda costume spirit by CP Alumni now in middle school: Leil Chang, Bunnie Huang, Lilian Lee, and Abe Yeager. Mr. Panda Happy Feet Dance
Thank you Principal Chuang for the tremendous support! 
As Jerri comments, "It takes a village to raise a child and we have an incredible village!" Totally agree! Thank you all.
Pinkey Tsang (mom of 2nd grader)
VP of Programs 
PTA Board