The yearbooks have arrived!
Wed, Jun 5 4:01pm
College Park Elementary

Hi Parents:


If you didn't purchase a yearbook yet and would like to purchase one:

We have a few extra soft cover yearbooks for sale for $20.  Priority will be given to 5th graders.  If you would like to buy yearbook, send me a PM on Konstella, and I will put you on a waitlist after we figure out how many 5th graders need to buy.  If you would like to see what the yearbook looks like, click here to view a proof. 



The yearbooks have been distributed to the teachers.  It is up to the teacher's discretion as to when the yearbooks will be passed out.  Each year, 5th grade yearbooks get passed out when they have their laser tag field trip.  Time is given at this event for the students to sign each other's books.



Have your child write their full name and fill out the first page of their yearbook.  If the yearbook gets misplaced, the first page will help identify the correct owner.  Also, on the back of the book is a sticker with your child's name and homeroom.  Please ask your child to keep that sticker on their book until the year is over.  Since all of the yearbooks look the same, it is important to have some way to identify the correct owner.


Pen Tips:

I recommend providing  pens for your child's friends' signatures.  Provide your child with either a ball point or sharpie  (permanent) pen.   (I recommend permanent pens only if your child and classmates are at an age where they know how to use them responsibly.  If they are too young, I recommend ballpoint pens.)  If you use permanent pens, provide ones with fine tips so the ink has less of a chance of bleeding through to the other side.  Have your child test the pen on  the first page to see if it will bleed through. 

Gel pens and water-based pens do not dry well on the pages and will create marks on the opposite page when the book is closed.


Please remind your child of the appropriate times to ask for signatures:

Before school



After School


Please also remind your child to respect other's yearbooks and not write anything inappropriate.


Thank yous:

I want to thank everyone who signed up and helped on the yearbook committee this year.  We had almost 40 volunteers to help work on 56 pages.  If you would like to thank the volunteers who worked on the pages please see the yearbook committee members listed here.


Next Year:

If you would like to help out with a page or be in charge of the yearbook next year, please let me know and sign up for next year's committee.  Since we won't know the classroom assignments until the start of the year, sign up at the end under TBD classroom assignments.  We will get started earlier next year so you can gather photos and work on the pages throughout the year.