Tuesday, May 21, 2019 6:30 pm CP Library: Last PTA meeting and Awards Ceremony.
Mon, May 20 10:57pm
College Park Elementary

During this Tuesday May 21, 2019’s last PTA meeting of the year, you will hear about proposed State Legislation Bills impacting your children, including AB 328 - later school starting time; AB 347 - tax on harmful soda/sugar drinks; AB 428 - funding of special education and student achievement.  Learn about the Family Engagement Bill AB 2878 our governor signed and related PTA resolutions to develop a master plan for student success, including classroom temperature.     

Also come to the last PTA meeting of the year to validate the energetic pulse of the school created by heart-warming teachers/staff/administers and parents of our amazing public school! Learn how and why the PTA – oldest USA parent organization - has flourished 123 years and counting!

Free kids’ watcher, aka babysitter!