Urgent: crossing guards and coordinator
Wed, Jan 16 9:06pm
College Park Elementary

Hi Parents:  three years ago, a College Park student was struck by a motorist as she was crossing El Dorado on the way to school.  Some say the accident would not have happened if a crossing guard had been on site.  So last year and the year before that, College Park parents were signing up to be crossing guards en masse!  This year? … what the ...


So,  is there anyone out there who can be available tomorrow morning to cover the two corners off the campus - Indian and Fremont and Indian and El Dorado, please?  Pick up traffic control vests and stop signs at the office.  Be on the corners by a little before 8.


We also need a coordinator of crossing guards - put up a signup sheet and what-not.  Reply to this email if you would.


Help, Please!  Your kids will thank and love you to no end ...


Jon Wu

President, PTA