Vol I, No 20. June 16, 2020. Last Day of School Jun 17, 2020.
Tue, Jun 16 11:08pm

Welcome to this academic year’s Last Issue of the PTA Weekly Press!

Vol I, No 20.  June 16, 2020.  Last Day of School Jun 17, 2020.

Every Tuesday during the school year, you will find CP PTA related information in the PTA Weekly Press. These are this week’s items:

  1. Two important meetings back-to-back about school: Wednesday 17th District PTA General Meeting: The Future of Our Schools. Thursday School District Board of Trustees – no doubt will cover DL.
  2. Response to Racial Violence and Open Letter from outgoing College Park principal Steven Chuang about Civil Unrest.
  3. Search for principal position at College Park slated to end soon on a happy note.
  4. PTA website recruiting assistance & PTA treasurer recruiting tax professional to help file taxes.
  5. End of DL and start of new and improved DL?? 
  6. Contact Info of PTA Board of Directors (plus list of officers-elect for 2020-2021)

 1.Two important meetings back to back:

First important meeting:

17th District PTA General Meeting: The Future of Our Schools

Wednesday, June 17, 2020 - via Zoom Virtual Meeting

6:30 PM - 8:00 PM.

FREE for PTA/PTSA members in San Mateo County

Advance registration required - RSVP right now!!


Special Guests Nancy Magee, San Mateo County Superintendent of Education will report on the latest information and issues facing public schools in San Mateo, and Carol Kocivar, Past President of California State PTA , will share information about “Schools and Communities First”, a statewide initiative that will be on the November. Hear PTA leaders on PTA tools and programs that make your PTA/PTSA tasks easier, efficient, and fun! Get updates on workshops (via Zoom) for incoming PTA/PTSA officers! Additional meeting information will be emailed to registered participants, including the Zoom link to join the meeting.


Second important meeting:

San Mateo-Foster City School District

Meeting of the School District Board of Trustees

Thursday June 18, 2020 6:30 pm


Instructions to join the Board Meeting are as follows:

  1. Response to Racial Violence and Open Letter from outgoing College Park principal Steven Chuang about Civil Unrest.

 Response to Racial Violence

We are committed to taking active and deliberate steps and offering opportunities for connection, learning, and growing.  We exhibited the past few weeks in connection with the District’s search for a new principal – many parents chimed in.  With that involvement, we practically overlooked the goal of becoming a more anti-racist, equitable, and inclusive community. Principal Chuang, in his open letter shares a host of resources with a range of entry points and perspectives for personal growth. We can all look forward to engaging with each other in the important, difficult, and necessary work of creating a more tolerant, inclusive and loving community at College Park. Principal Chuang writes:

Dear College Park Families:

As you may see from the newspaper or watch from TV news, our nation is at unrest and the Bay Area is no exception. As a minority myself, I am saddened as I see and feel the pain, frustration, and outrage about the inequality and inequity people may have experienced.

I am not an expert myself, but I am trying to learn and support for improvements that we can make altogether. I understand that people may feel and respond differently; however, I encourage you to be open to the discussion regarding race, kindness, empathy, inclusion, and so on in your household if it were ever brought up.

Here is a list of books you may look into if you are searching for ways to discuss race and equality at your child’s level. Together, we are stronger.


Principal Chuang

Books for Children + Adults

Books to Support Positive Race/Ethnic Identity for Children

31 Children's Books to Support Conversations on Race, Racism, and Resistance (from embracerace.org)

27 Books to Help You Talk to Your Child about Racism (from Today's Parent)

Books for Adults

How to Talk to Kids About Race: Books and Resources That Can Help

Quick Book Check

  1. Search for principal position at College Park slated to end soon on a happy note.

In-coming PTA president John Gieseker was on the panel that interviewed candidates for the principal position at College Park.  Although he is sworn to maintain confidentiality of everything transpiring during the interview, a little birdie has told us the panel went away “feeling happy.”   Let's keep our fingers crossed and hope for an announcement of the identity of the new principal within June 2020!  Yes; Happy Hunting!!

Again, we thank these parents who agreed to sacrifice personal time and participate with the interview panel:  John Gieseker, Yining Wang, Nhi Huynh and backups Sherry Tien and Susan Payrovi.

  1. PTA Website needs tech person to help update and maintain; Tax professional also needed

Would you like to help maintain and update the PTA website, please.  Contact 2020-2021 PTA auditor Paul Willard at webgeek@gmail.com.  You’ll get plenty of mentoring from Konstella and PTA tech gurus David Beltran and Todd Berliner (thanks David and Todd !)


Tax preparing professional:  Contact PTA treasurer Cathy Lin if you would be so kind, please.  She needs help with filing taxes for the PTA.  Thank you so much:  Catherine Lin <chang1213@hotmail.com>


  1. End of DL and start of new and improved DL??

No one really thinks, “Whew, school ends tomorrow.”  We’re already on the lookout to follow state and local school reopening guidelines, including public health guidance, local practices, and workplace safety requirements?  Some of you may be aware that San Mateo County has released a summary of its framework for reopening schools. It is expected that this framework will be accompanied with an order from the County Health Officer and will have the force of law. The full 63-page document was released to the public Thursday June 11, 2020.  Stayed tuned to Konstella for updates from your PTA leadership to enhance your experience at College Park!!

  1. Contact Info PTA Board of Directors 2019-2020 
  1. Principal                            Steven Chuang schuang@smfc.k12.ca.us
  2. President                          Jon Wu <jon@jwulaw.com>
  3. Executive VP                    Pinkey Tsang <pinkeytsang@gmail.com>
  4. Secretary                          Doug Christini <dchristini@infinera.com>
  5. Treasurer                          Cathy Lin <chang1213@hotmail.comdo >
  6. Financial Secretary         Jennifer Li <jen.rd.liao@gmail.com>
  7. VP Membership              John Gieseker <johng88@gmail.com>
  8. VP Programs                    Shauna Lawry <slawry@me.com>
  9. VP Fundraising                Winnie Tungpagasit <wtungpagasit@gmail.com>,
  10. Community Liaison         Connie Chang Chinchio <ccchinchio@gmail.com>
  11. Historian                           Theresa Shek <tshek@yahoo.com>
  12. Auditor                             Hsuan-Pei Lin <hsuanpei@gmail.com>,
  13. Parliamentarian              Allison Ng <allison.renee.ng@gmail.com>

Elected 2020-2021 PTA Officers:

President: John Gieseker

Exec VP: Pinkey Tsang

Treasurer: Cathy Lin

Secretary: Doug Cristini

Financial Secretary: Cathy Szeto

Programs: Shauna Lawry

Fundraising: Winnie Tungpagasit

Community Liaison: Otto Rodriguez-Batres 

Membership: Connie Chang

Historian: Theresa Shek

Auditor: Paul Willard 

Parliamentarian:  Drake Lobo (to be appointed by President-elected)