We are getting very near the end with no clear winner in sight!
Tue, Sep 24 7:18pm

This has been fun but it will all come to an end very soon.


Tomorrow, September 25th at midnight is the deadline to donate to the College Park Fall Drive.


The Fall Drive may seem like just another event that you get bombarded with emails about, but it is much more than that.


The Fall Drive will be the largest fundraising effort this year for College Park. This is when the entire community needs to step up and contribute the funds that all our children benefit from including;

-         Art in Action

-         Science Program Supplies

-         Science Program Coordinator

-         Art and Science Day

-         Computer Lab  

-         Technology Hardware and Software

-         Technology Coordinator

-         Teacher Classroom Supplies

-         Teacher Training

-         Early Literacy and Accelerated Reading Programs

-         English Aides  

-         Literacy Week

-         Field Trip expenses

-         Music Program

-         and much more. 


Without these programs College Park would not be the same school you chose to give your children “The Gift of Education”.


Thank you very much to the many families who have given generously to the Fall Drive.


It’s not too late! Go to CollegeParkPTA.com/donate and make a positive difference in your child’s education.


Here is the latest on class standings: