Web Store Down...while we load 88 Panda Parties! Yippee!!!
Wed, Sep 26 6:46am
College Park Elementary

Fellow Pandas! 


The anticipation is growing as we await the unveiling of 88 amazing Panda Parties this Sunday after the Moon Festival!!!


Your Panda Party Committee has been working hard to prepare all the details for you, including loading them into our school web store.  That being said, in order to ensure that everything looks right, the web store will be down for about the next 24 hours.  We'll let you know when its back up again so you can use the store to make a Moon Festival donation, buy your PTA Membership or shop for Panda Pride Wear, etc.


Once the store is up again it would be wise to make sure you know your login and password so you don't have any trouble booking that hot party that will sell out within minutes on Sunday night!



The Panda Party Team