Yearbook Update
Fri, Apr 10 1:07pm

Hi Parents:


Many of you have been wondering what will happen with yearbooks this year.  Due to Covid-19 there are a few issues we need to work through. First, getting the photos from Lifetouch has been challenging.  Their shipment of the CD has been delayed and we don't know when it will arrive.  Second, since our kids are out of school, the yearbooks will need to be shipped to your home.  Third, our kids will not be able to get their friends' signatures in person this year.


To help with these issues, we are going to delay delivery of the yearbooks until end of summer, mid August.  The yearbooks will be shipped directly to your home for free if you have already ordered. If you haven't ordered, you may still qualify for free shipping if you order within the next few weeks.


This delay should give Lifetouch enough time to resolve their shipping issues, and it will allow parents to familiarize themselves with digital signatures.  Treering has the capability of sending and receiving electronic messages to and from your kids' friends.  Once a signature is received, you then have to find space for it on one of your custom pages.  If you need more pages, you can always add more pages beyond the two free ones.  Additional pages may cost $.99 for every two.  If you are requesting signatures, be sure to request them early enough to allow time to modify your custom pages.  


The deadline to have your custom pages completed is July 9th, 2020.  I recommend not sending signatures after July 1st. 


Teachers are given complimentary yearbooks donated by the PTA. As such, they are not signed on to treering.   If you would like a signature from a teacher, you need to email them directly and request them to create a treering login to send a signature.  Please do not send signature requests to teachers via treering; it does not forward to their email.


Please be sure to upload class/school photos to your kids' classrooms and other folders on treering.


Please see old message below for info on joining the yearbook committee, how to order, and other information.


Thank you,


David Beltran



Hi Parents:


We will be using Treering once again to publish our yearbooks.  For those of you who are new to College Park, Treering  publishes customizeable yearbooks.  Each order comes with two pages for your child's personal photos included in the price (if you choose to customize).  You also have the option to add additional pages for $.99 for every two pages.  Some parents use the yearbook as a combination yearbook and photobook for their child.  You can edit the book throughout the year, adding photos along the way.  


5th grade parents

Since this is the last year your child will be at College Park, the fifth grade teachers want to make sure each 5th grader has ordered a yearbook in time for the end of year party.  Please keep a copy of your receipt and let your 5th grade teacher know once you've ordered your yearbook.  


Yearbook Committee

Parents who have an interest in designing a page for the yearbook, please sign up for the "2019-2020 Yearbook" committee.  Each homeroom has one dedicated page in the yearbook so each student should be in more than just their Lifetouch photo. 


Aside from the homeroom pages, there are some additional pages for other groups and events.  You don't need any experience... the interface is Drag and Drop.  We just need one editor for each page but if there are more than one, you can work with each other to determine how to split up the work.



If you attend any classroom functions or schoolwide events, please be sure to take photos and upload them to the shared folders in treering.  Editors will choose photos from these folders so your photos may make it into the yearbook!  


Here is the link to place your order.  (

Please be sure to add your child to their correct homeroom teacher and grade level.  Books will be delivered by the homeroom.