Yearbook final notice - please read
Sat, May 4 3:51pm
College Park Elementary

Hi Families and Teachers:


The deadline for the yearbook is less than two weeks away, May 17th.  Thank you to all the volunteers who have already signed up!  However, we still need volunteers to work on some pages and we need photos uploaded to treering.  Without editors or photos, the pages are at risk of being blank pages for signatures.



Pages in need of editors:

Kinder - Ms Young's homeroom.

5th Grade - Ms. Pencek's homeroom.

Student Council - If your child is on student council, please volunteer to edit the two pages for student council.


Being an editor doesn't require much time.  The user interface is drag and drop; so it is just a matter of selecting photos which represent the entire class or group.


If you are able to help, please sign up for the 2018-2019 Yearbook committee linked here.  I will add you to the yearbook staff after you sign up.


Shared Folders in need of photos:



4th - Rm 14 Mr. Lu

K - Rm 2 Xi Yan

Z - Chinese New Year Parade

Z - Garden Club

Z - Science Camp

Z - Student Council


If you have photos of your child's homeroom, please upload them even if the class is not listed above.  More photos will make it easier for the editor to work on the pages.  You can upload directly to treering from your smart phone if you download the app.


If you still need to order a yearbook, please use this link.  You have until the 17th to create custom pages.  If you can't remember if you ordered, please search your email for an order confirmation from Treering Payments.  Also when you log into treering, it should indicate if you have a paid yearbook already.