Yearbook: Digital Signatures How To and Notes
Thu, May 21 11:31am

Hi Parents and Teachers:


Treering has the ability to send and receive digital signatures.  UPDATE: all teacher accounts are set up with their district email accounts; so if your child would like their teacher to sign their yearbook, you can request via Treering now.


Using a computer (I couldn't find a way to use signatures on the mobile app):


How to Send or Request a signature:

1) Log in to

  a) if you haven't purchased a yearbook yet, you can still purchase up until 7/9/20 using this link:

2) Cick on the Yearbooks link in the left menu.

3) Under your child's name click on Edit Custom Pages

4) Click on any two page spread (any 2 page spread if you have multiple pages)

5) Click on Signatures on the right menu bar.

6) Click on Send or Request 

7) Type the first, last or full name (treering will dynamically update the search results once you type 3 letters)

8) Click on the person you want to send or receive a signature to or from

9) Your signature can contain a photo, a sticker and/or a message

10) Your child can send/receive multiple signatures to/from the same person


Since signatures need to be added to custom pages, I highly recommend sending and requesting well before July.  This will allow others enough time to add them to their custom pages.  Talk to your kids to see who they want signatures from.


If you need more help you can click the "Help" button on the bottom right and type "Sending and Receiving signatures". 


Note: Students and Parents can send and request signatures to/from other students and teachers, but they cannot send or request signatures to/from Administrators or Other staff.  (ie Principal Chuang) If your student would like to send or request a signature from a non-teacher, you can message them directly and ask them to send or request a signature to/from your acccount.


David Beltran