important: Action Required for Yearbooks
Tue, Jun 9 6:09pm

Hi Parents:


Several actions are required by you to make sure we have a great yearbook:


1) We need any photos you have of your child's homeroom or school events.   Log into treeering and select Shared Folders to upload to the correct folder.  Without photos, we won't be able to make certain pages in the yearbook.   Please upload your photos soon.  Set a calendar reminder if you can't upload them today.


Currently, there are no photos or very few photos for the following homerooms:

Celine Chang, Nancy Young, Noel Milburn, Linda Tong, Meredith Yeh, Yaou Liu, Esther Chau, Samson Wu, Nicole Rasool, Nicole Hiraga, Jenny Chang

We need photos for Distance Learning.  Please upload one photo of your child studying from home during shelter in place to the Distance Learning Shared Folder.  We have several pages dedicated to distance learning.  The editor of these pages will try to include as many photos as we can fit on these pages.

We also need photos for Panda Parties, Spirit Days, Holiday parties, Student Council, Science Camp, CNY Parade, Art in Action,  and Science,  If we don't have enough photos for a given page, we may need to change the page.


2) We need more volunteers to help edit pages.  Please check the 2019-2020 Yearbook Committee on Konstella to see which pages still need volunteers.  Several Homerooms and pages still need someone to volunteer.  Being an editor on treering is very simple.  As long as there are photos, it is a simple matter of drag and drop to create a page.

We need volunteers for the following pages:

Celine Chang, Noel Milburn, Linda Tong, Meredith Yeh, Yaou Liu, Science Camp, Student Council, Spirit Days, and Panda Parties.  If your child is affiliated with any of the rooms or groups,  please consider volunteering on the Konstella committee.


3) Extremely Important:  You need to update your shipping address to your home address otherwise your yearbook may get mis-delivered or lost.  Please read prior instructions to update your address.


4)  Send and request digital signatures.  Since the kids won't be able to sign the yearbooks physically, please send and request digital signatures soon.  Once a signature is received, parents can place them on the custom pages.  Please allow enough time for parents to add these signatures.  The scheduled deadline for the yearbook is July 9th, but the yearbook will be locked and sent to print July 16th if all the pages are complete.


Thank you!


David Beltran