2024 Solar Eclipse Event @ Palmer Square - April 8th
Mon, Apr 8 3:00pm-4:00pm
Palmer Square

Join Princeton University’s Astrophysical Sciences Department, the Council on Science and Technology, and the Office of Science Outreach for this incredible and rare event – a total solar eclipse!   CP Mom, Jenny Greene, Princeton University's Professor of Astrophysical Sciences will be there as well.  


A total solar eclipse happens when the moon passes in front of the sun at just the right point in its orbit during the daytime. The last total solar eclipse to span most of the country was in 2017, and the next one after this is in 2044.


Join in Palmer Square on Monday, April 8th to speak to our local eclipse experts to learn more about how eclipses happen and to receive your solar eclipse glasses to safely view the main event at 3:25pm!


For any weather related updates please visit princeton.edu.


Safety Note:    The eclipse corresponds with school dismissal times, and we ask that you remind your children not to look at the sun at any point during the partial eclipse without special, filtering solar eclipse glasses.