After-School Clubs - now including Riverside and Littlebrook Elementary
Wed, Nov 11 9:20am

Hello CP Families:


After-School Clubs kick off this week and next week and due to lower enrollment than usual we opened up our clubs for the first time to Riverside and Littlebrook Elementary Schools as neither ran clubs this season.  We just wanted you to be aware as, in some of the clubs, you may notice more Riverside/Littlebrook kids than CP.   We have also kept enrollment open for the clubs through this week, so if you are interested, you can still sign up for the available clubs listed below.  Prices will be pro-rated for the number of remaining classes.


You can sign up at-




After-School Dance Party gr. K-3 

Amazing Tales gr. 4-5 



Mystery Bag Eco Art gr. 1-3  (1 spot left) 

Books and Crafts  gr. K-1 

Amazing Tales gr. 3. 

Yoga gr. 3-5  



Yoga gr. K-2 

Storytelling in Spanish gr. 1-2

Making Comic Books  gr. 3-5



McCarter Creative Drama - Adventure Awaits gr. k-2 (2 spots left)

Mystery Book Club (gr. 3-5)

Dungeons and Dragons Thursday gr. 4-5 (3 spots left)



McCarter Heroes and Villains gr. 3-5 (4 spots left)


Thank you!