After-School Clubs Registration Still Going!
Thu, Jan 14 10:33am

Hello CP Families:


Enrollment for After-school Clubs is still open!  The following clubs have spots:



Lip-Sync Battle!  (Gr. 1-5) $95

In this club students will get to choose a song that they will perform live each week for the rest of the students in the club. Each week will have a different theme - chosen by the students. Performances will be followed by an interactive discussion.  Costumes are welcomed. Audience participation is encouraged.  Crazy is good - as long as it is age appropriate. Kids will have fun

with this.


TECH Teachings (Teaching Educational Cybersecurity Hacks) (Gr. 2-5)  $40

Led by PHS Student Erin Kiesewetter, this program is for students to learn all about what cybersecurity is and how to protect themselves on the internet. Students will engage in 6 interactive and engaging lessons.



Books and Crafts (K) - Sra. Alban $95

Curl up for some favorite stories and book themed crafts with Sra. Alban! Making crafts inspired by children’s books is a fun way to combine reading with art.  Children’s books with their beautiful illustrations and lovable characters make the perfect inspiration for your kids’ artistic expression. All materials will be provided in advance for the entire duration of the club. 


Creative Drama - Musical Adventures - McCarter Theatre  (gr. K-2)  $120

Join us as we embark on a series of new and exciting musical adventures that will stimulate imaginations and encourage creative play. Children will use their bodies and minds as they

encounter worlds filled with zany creatures, thrilling plot twists, and courageous challenges! This class is perfect for new and returning students alike!


Science Seeds - Science Toys!  (grades 4-5) $120

Many of the tools, toys, and appliances we use every day rely on programming, electric circuits, gears, and motors to move and work. In this hands-on project based class we will explore exactly how they all fit together! Combining science and engineering, students will earn the basics of gears, simple machines, circuitry, motors, and much more. Topics and projects will depend on the age of the participants but will include building catapults and targets, making spin art, exploring balance, and much more. Materials will be provided.



Mystery Bag Eco Art - (gr. 1-3) Sra. Webb $95

Every week each participant will pick up a mystery bag containing all the materials needed for one club meeting. Materials will be inspired by nature or recyclables. Maybe some feathers, stones, shells, cardboard, or plastic containers and glass jars. Or perhaps nuts and bolts and cool fabric. Who knows! Kids will listen to fun music while they play and create together.


Science Seeds - Science Toys!  (grades 2-3) $120

Many of the tools, toys, and appliances we use every day rely on programming, electric circuits, gears, and motors to move and work. In this hands-on project based class we will explore exactly how they all fit together! Combining science and engineering, students will earn the basics of gears, simple machines, circuitry, motors, and much more. Topics and projects will depend on the age of the participants but will include building catapults and targets, making spin art, exploring balance, and much more. Materials will be provided.


Magical world of Face Painting with Drea - Safari Animals! (gr. 3-5)  $105

Students will learn the basics of face painting with Drea teaching techniques that will them create different designs on their face and arms. We'll work our way up to creating safari animals - including a tiger, giraffe and cheetah. Each child will be provided make-up for the course. 



Theatre Mania!  - McCarter Theatre  (3-5) $180

Drama, excitement, and adventure will ensue in this imaginative course that combines acting games, improvised scenes, character making, and creative storytelling. The final session will include a virtual sharing for family and friends.  This online 90 minute course is normally $275 on the McCarter website, but our students can take the same course for $180 - a great value!    


ESCAPE ROOM - Escape the Ender Dragon: A Minecraft Escape Room of Puzzles and Trivia (gr.2-5) $28

Students will explore The End and take on the Ender Dragon as they race to complete a Minecraft-themed escape room. As they navigate back and forth through the different online presentation

slides (or "rooms") they will encounter a variety of fun and educational challenges, including word puzzles, logic puzzles, and Minecraft trivia. Students will have about 50 minutes to try to solve all the puzzles and escape, encouraging team-work employing problem-solving strategies, and testing their creativity, observational skills, and Minecraft knowledge. The second escape room is called “Defeat the Wither Storm”. The Minecraft game will NOT be played during this - instead, it is an escape room based on the Minecraft game. Taught by a top teacher.  NOTE: THIS CLUB STARTS AT 4PM and Meets for 2 sessions 1/28 and 2/4. 



Debate Club (gr. 4-5) $95

The CP debate club is an introduction to debate, including public speaking, researching, and creating arguments. We'll have fun with casual practice debates and speeches. No prior experience is necessary! Led by Maya Lerman and other members of the Princeton High School debate team.



Dungeons and Dragons (gr. 4-5) $120 -  NEW overflow group

Dungeons and Dragons is a cooperative tabletop experience that gives players a chance to become the heroes of a fantasy world. Fueled by the imagination but guided by simple rules, D&D promotes the growth of problem solving, teamwork, creativity, simple math, improvisation and more! Every session and every group is unique, with the world shifting around the players to ensure that no two sessions are ever exactly alike. Dice provided. NOTE: THIS CLUB IS 90-120

minutes in length


You can register at


The Winter clubs will start during the week of January 25th and will run for 6 weeks.  The EXCEPTION is Escape Room which only meets for 2 sessions, 1/28 and 2/4.  Prices are adjusted.  Clubs begin at 3:30pm.