Blue Sombrero Registration
Fri, Sep 15 9:09am
Community Park School

Dear Parents,

It has come to our attention that when registering for clubs, Blue Sombrero requires the gender of both the parent and the child. In addition, Blue Sombrero gives only two options for gender: male and female.

We deeply apologize for the pain and discomfort this causes members of the CP community.

The gender of a parent or a child is not relevant data to us, and when we print rosters for the club instructors and dismissal lists for the teachers, we do not include this information. However, it can be painful for some people to be required to choose one of two genders and uncomfortable for some parents to have to choose one on behalf of their child.

Unfortunately, Blue Sombrero neither allows us to remove this question nor can they remove this question for us. When I called Blue Sombrero to discuss this issue, they told me that they had had conversations about this, and that changing this would involve reworking a non-negligable amount of code. As of today, they have not decided to make this change. I strongly urged them to consider changing this, and to allow local communities the option to not ask this question.

If you would like to be an advocate on this issue, you can contact Blue Sombrero directly and respectfully explain that this question can be hurtful and divisive to the community and that you urge them to change their policy to allow local communities to be inclusive.

Their support number is: 866-258-3303.

Thank you for your understanding,
Katie Stoltzfus-Dueck