Book Fair Wish Lists Going Home this week! Key Information
Tue, Mar 8 3:56pm

Hello - 


During the week, your student will be bringing home “wish lists” which were printed out on receipt paper at the book fair.  This contains the list of books they are interested in, along with the prices.  If you would like to purchase any of the books, please put a check mark next to the ones you would like to buy and send it back to school with your student, along with a form of payment: 

  1. cash in an envelope with the list
  2. E-wallet account (just write e-wallet on the list).  You can set up a wish list here:  (Note, you cannot get unused money back, but you can use them towards other Scholastic purchases or the next book fair).


The teachers will collect the lists and drop them off at the book fair for fulfillment.  The last day you can return a wish list is Monday, 3/14.


If you have any questions, please email either Patty Kim ( or Jen Henderson (  


Thank you!