CP Clubs: A few parent volunteers still needed & a few more spots available
Wed, Sep 20 10:01am
Community Park School

Dear CP Parents,


Thank you for your support of CP Clubs! The teachers are excited about them starting next week.


We still need a few more parent volunteers for Monday, Wednesday and Friday clubs. If you can help, your child gets a free club! We cannot run clubs without a parent volunteer for each club. You can volunteer for a club that your child is not in.


Volunteers needed for:

Monday: Art with Recyclables and Bookworms

Wednesday: Library Makerspace

Friday: Mindfulness for Kids


Please let me know ASAP if you can help with one of these clubs. (kathrynsd@gmail.com)


There are also a few clubs that have spots available if you have not yet signed up for a club:


Library Makerspace (grade 3-5)

Mindfulness (grades 2-5)

Mix It Up (grades 2-3)

Art with Recyclables (grades 2-5)

Book Worms (grades K-1)

Soccer (k2) and

Yoga (grades 3-5)

Dance, Dance, Dance (grade 2-4)

Lego We Do (grade 4-5)

Soccer (grade 3-5)

Advanced Chess (grade 1-5)

Board Games (grade K-2)


We look forward to the start of clubs on Monday!!