CP: We have got it in the Bag!
Wed, Nov 15 6:43am
Community Park School



The Sustainability Committee and the Green Team are excited to announce that the Trex Challenge has begun at CP! 
Students and staff can now recycle plastic bags, dry cleaner bags, ziplock bags and other products made of "stretchy" plastic. Bring us your plastic bags from home!
Starting today CP is part of the TREX competition to win prizes based on the weight of the plastic we recycle. Last year Littlebrook won prizes and a free bench for the school. Community Park students and staff can drop off plastic in the centrally-located bins (lobby, cafeteria, second floor).  
Bring us your stretchy plastic including:  newspaper sleeves, bread bags, product wrap, food storage bags, pellet bags, product bags, dry cleaning bags, grocery bags. 
Special thanks to Bevin Cahill for this project! 
P.S. Did you know we also compost at CP?  You can also compost in your home!
Here is the link to participate in the unique Curbside Organics program in Princeton: http://www.princetonnj.gov/organic/CurbsideOrganics.html
Frequently heard comment: I would love to compost but it just smells... 
We recommend using a kitchen bin like this... http://a.co/68RXlUn  with carbon filters that absorb the smell :) ( If your purchase this bin, you can also benefit CP through Amazon Smile program :)