Club Volunteers Needed
Sat, Sep 16 8:05am
Community Park School

Dear Parents,

We still need parent volunteers for some clubs. Volunteering can be a fun way to see your child interact with their peers and teachers. If you volunteer, your child will get to participate in the club for free, and you will get a guaranteed spot in the club. You can also volunteer for a club that your child is not in.

Please let me know ASAP if you can volunteer for any of the following clubs.

-Katie Stoltzfus-Dueck


Art with Recyclables (2-5)
Book Works (K-1)
Green Thumb (3-5)
Soccer (K-2)
Yoga (3-5)


Lego We Do (2-3)
Soccer (3-5)


Advanced Chess (1-5)
Board Games (K-2)
Library Makerspace (3-5)


Architecture (2-5)
Dance, Dance, Dance (2-4)
Yoga (K-2)


Mindfulness for Kids (2-5)
Mix it UP! (2-3)
Origami (2-5)