Clubs Volunteers Still Needed
Tue, Jan 2 7:15pm
Community Park School

Dear Parents,

Happy New Year!!

We still need volunteers for some of the winter clubs. You get a free club for every club you volunteer for, as well as priority registration.  You do not have to volunteer for the same club that your child is in if you are available on a day and your child's club already has a  volunteer.

We need volunteers for the following clubs:



Yoga (K-3)
Boxes, Collages, Mod Podge (2-5)


Board Games (K-2)
Makerspace (3-5)
CP Pump (4-5)


Book Worms (K-1)
Advanced Chess (1-5)
Move Your Body (2-5)
Origami (2-5)
Geography (3-5)


Bead Creations (K-2)
Breakout EDU (3-5)
Song and Dance (4-5)


Math Path (K-1)
Beginning Chess (1-5)
Green Team Jr. (3-5)


Please let me know if you can volunteer for a club.


Katie Stoltzfus-Dueck