DLI Review Focus Groups
Fri, Apr 1 2:14pm

The DLI program is currently undergoing a formal review, which is being conducted by an outside agency, the Center for Applied Linguistics (CAL).  As part of the formal review, there are Parent Focus Groups scheduled for next week. If you believe you signed up to participate in a Focus Group and didn’t hear anything, please reach out to the District (contact information below). This has happened to a number of parents who contacted the District today and yesterday, and have since received a message confirming their invitation. 

The Focus Groups are a very important part of the review process and will help ensure that many voices and experiences are heard, so please contact the district if you're still awaiting your confirmed invitation.


Office of Curriculum and Instruction
25 Valley Road, Princeton NJ
Phone:   609-806-4203


Kathie Foster,  Head of Curriculum



Giovanna Byzewski  Executive Assistant


Thank you very much for your time and enjoy your weekends!