Donate Something for CP's Online Auction!
Community Park School

Please help CP by donating an item or experience toward our first ever online auction! Do you have a family vacation home you could offer for a long weekend? Tickets to a pro game? Autographed memorabilia? A professional service or craft?

The online auction will take the place of our annual in-person fundraiser. Past donations to CP's in-person auction have included a wide range of items: babysitting, a year's worth of oil changes, a custom cake, a case of wine, and even a week's stay in an Italian villa....

Sign up below or email Fundraising Co-Chairs Constanza Ferro and Daniela Cravero at

All of the proceeds will support enrichment programs at CP in arts, culture, literature and more.


Item or Experience for Donation to CP's Online Auction Signed Up: 13 / 30

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