Enrollment for Clubs is still open! Remaining clubs and update on waitlists
Thu, Dec 12 10:20am

Waitlists are quite long and at this point we don't anticipate any more movement off of them.  If you are still interested in a Winter Club, the clubs below still have space. NOTE:  Even if you sign up for a club below, your spot will remain on the waitlists for your top choice clubs - and if you are invited off the wait-list we will REFUND you. 





Clay Club (gr. 4-5) -Mrs. Sawers - Learn hand-building techniques with clay, such as coil pots and slab construction!

Percy Jackson vs. Harry Potter Trivia (gr. 3-5) 3:15-4:15 - Sra. Herrara -Stacy - Weekly trivia games where winning "houses" or "camps" win themed prizes!

Yoga (gr. 3-5) - Marie Stiglic - Exercise and de-stress!



Crochet Club (gr. 3-5) - Marie Stiglic - Learn crochet and make a bookmark

Making Comics (gr. 3-5) - CP Parent Mr. Blanchard - Bring your story to life in a comic!

Painting on Canvas (gr. 3-5) - Sra. Almodovar -  Learn fun and easy painting techniques on canvas



Sewing Club (gr. 3-5) - CP Parent - Ms. Buitendijk -Start by making a bookmark, and then your choice of monster softie, unicorn ornament, pouch, notebook cover, etc.

Sra. Aguilar's Playspace (K-2) - Sra. Aguilar - Play with your K-2 friends!

Yoga (gr. K-2) - Marie Stiglic - Get some exercise and de-stress...



Bookworms - All around the world (gr. K-2) - The Brain Train - Storytime followed by a fun activity

Crazy Cards for Kids (gr. 3-5) - CP Parent - Ms. Heuson - Play cool, fun card games!

You Are What You Eat (gr. K-5) - Marie Stiglic - Close your eyes and try to guess the food we will be eating!

Around the World:  Postcard & Stamp-Making Club (K-2) - Ms. Waters - Learn about cities, states, regions, and countries in a fun and energetic atmosphere.

Kahoot on Fridays (gr. 3-5) 3:15-4:15 - Sra. Clemens -  Are you ready to compete and have fun?

Little Muscle Builders (K-1) - Sra. Alban - Get some exercise!  Move your big muscles-  and small!