Fall Clubs!
Fri, Sep 7 2:31pm
Community Park School

Dear Parents,

Fall Clubs are coming! Please find the flyer attached.

If you would like a paper copy, or a copy by e-mail, Please let me know, kathrynsd@googlemail.com


Please note there is a mistake in the flyer. Dance Club by Monica Kapoor is for grades 2-5.

Club Volunteers:

Please note, this year not all clubs will have a parent volunteer. Some clubs will have a volunteer, but not all clubs will. In addition to volunteers for specific clubs, we will need 1-2 parent volunteers to be in the building and to walk around to make sure nothing is needed. If you want to volunteer, please email Tina Ivanov at: tina.ivanov@icloud.com

Parent Volunteers get advance registration for their children and a free club for every day they volunteer.


Registration for fall clubs is next Wednesday.


-Katie Stoltzfus-Dueck