From Art Teacher Lara Sawers
Fri, Apr 3 11:43am

Dear CP parents, teachers and students,
Piggybacking on Mrs. Cameron’s wonderful color in a rainbow project, let’s pick up
steam and create a Community Park movement to spread hope and cheer. By creating
rainbows and displaying them in windows and doorways, we as a community can stay
apart, but our hearts can stay together.
This rainbow challenge can be a bit of a treasure hunt for the kids on these lonely days
of isolation. The prize, like a rainbow, something you can hold. It comes in the
form of hope and cheer. Create a rainbow, big or small, display to show your
neighbors and friends that you are thinking of them and “andra tutto bene” -
everything will be alright. Feel free to send pictures to Mrs. Sawers ( of you with your
With warm regards,
Mrs. Lara Sawers