Get Involved with the PTO Board for Next School Year! Updated with Job descriptions
Tue, Jun 2 9:07am

Hi everyone -  even though we are all remote, the PTO is still active and planning ahead for next year!  We are recruiting now for PTO Board members for 2020-21 school year.  This will be a great opportunity to get involved, and help plan activities for our school in what is sure to be an interesting and important year for all of our CP staff, students and families. 

Below are the positions we are recruiting for.  If you are interested or want to learn more, please contact  We would love to hear from you! 


Events Vice-Presidents-- 

Event planning and fundraising is extremely important for CP PTO. We don’t know what events will look like, given the pandemic, but community building is more important than ever. We are seeking 1-2 people for this position. There is plenty of opportunity for reimagining the scope of ‘traditional’ CP events. In the past, this position has been responsible for: 

  • Coordinating Fall/Back to school picnic and Spring/End of year picnic along with grade reps.
  • Planning the Party Board/Auction fundraising event.
    • reach out to parents to host family, kids, and adult parties
    • Reach out to local business to donate services, classes, and/or items for auction
    • Create auction and party board document (printed)
    • Organize in-person party (in the past this has been hosted at the Ivy Inn) with live DJ, food, auctioneer, etc.

Community Service Vice-Presidents- 

In the past this role has helped organize the food drive, coat drive and last year also did the yard sale and many other activities to help CP give back to our community.  We are seeking 1-2 people for this position.  


Co Book Fair Lead- 

We have one person (Patti Kim) who is managing the book fair next year but needs some help.  This is not a position that requires time all year but concentrated around the time of the book fair in the spring.

  • Assist with planning and execution of the book fair which is quite simple as the bookfair providers make it turnkey (ie. Scholastic, etc)
  • Plan events and communications leading up to the fair (Weekend event, etc)
  • Help with recruiting volunteers to help with fair set-up, working at the fair, and with fair break-down.

Clubs Parent Volunteer Coordinator- 

Helps to coordinate the parent volunteers for the clubs.  A very important role for our clubs to work throughout the year - done in coordination with Clubs chair.

  • Recruiting of volunteers - Email former parent volunteers the club schedule ahead of time, asking for volunteers as soon as the schedule is complete - also post on Konstella which openings still exist
  • Assign parent volunteers to clubs that need a volunteer (contact in flyer and work with registration to find out who has offered) first come, first served
  • Coordinate volunteers to walk students to Pannell Center and also Kindergarteners to clubs from their classrooms
  • Email parent volunteers in clubs a list of their responsibilities before clubs begin
  • Attend the first week of clubs each day for first 30 mins. to make sure everyone is where they need to be (share this with club coordinator and committee members)
  • Find replacements for parent volunteers as needed 

Sustainability- Join us to help manage all things sustainability and wellness at CP! This position involves coordinating and delegating responsibility for the school recycling efforts (Trex, Bottle caps, Dental products, Beauty Products, markers, wine corks), sustainability support at CP events, student sorting support during lunch, etc.


Grade Parents for each grade- We need grade parents for each grade who can serve as liaisons between the PTO board and room parents.  There are many more responsibilities for fifth grade parents to make the fifth grade year as fun and festive as possible for our students before they move on to JW.