Get Well Cards for Mr. Chorba
Sat, Feb 19 9:52am


Dear CP Community -


Some of you may be aware that Mr. Chorba, our Physical Education teacher,  was recently involved in a car accident. He's on the mend, but may not be able to return to school for several more weeks. 


We know he would appreciate some get well messages from his students! If your child would like to create a home-made card, a picture, a letter, a memory, whatever they would like to share with Mr Chorba, please have them drop it off in the office before Friday Feb 25. The PTO will set up a collection box and send it home with Ms. Chorba on Friday after school.


Thank you!

Your PTO


PS. Ms Chorba has been sharing the news of his accident with her music classes, so this should not be the first time that your child is learning that he has been in an accident.