International Culture Show | Desfile Multicultural 2024 - Last day to submit registration: Wednesday, May 22nd!
Tue, May 28 9:00am-10:00am
Community Park School
10 days before

**If your student is interested in participating, please fill out the registration form and return it to school (or email to Mathilde Schindler @ no later than Wednesday, May 22nd" 


From Nicaragua to Japan, Nigeria to Spain, South Korea to Sweden, India to Peru, Germany to Guatemala, and the USA, Community Park is proud to have students who represent more than 40 countries.

  Tuesday, May 28th at 9am, students will show off fashions from their favorite country: their home nation (US included), country where their parents/grandparents are from, or a place they’ve lived, visited or read about. Students can wear traditional national clothing, modern  outfits, or carry something representative of their country (or state) of choice. It is a great opportunity to learn more about other cultures and appreciate them!


De Nicaragua a Japón, de Nigeria a España, de Corea del Sur a Suecia, de la India hasta Perú, de Alemania a Guatemala y los Estados Unidos, los alumnos de Community Park representan a más de 40 países del mundo.

El martes 28 de mayo a las 9 am, los estudiantes de CP lucirán el traje típico de su país favorito: su país natal, el país de sus padres/abuelos, o un lugar que hayan vivido, visitado, o sobre el que hayan leído. Los estudiantes pueden llevar ropa tradicional, trajes modernos, uniformes de
su equipo deportivo favorito, o llevar algo representativo de su país o estado. ¡Es una gran oportunidad para aprender más sobre otras culturas y apreciarlas!