It's a Wrap! End of Year Message from the PTO
Tue, Jun 22 8:51am

Bravo, CP! We did it! Lo Logramos! We did it TOGETHER!

A huge congratulations to our graduating 5th Graders. We wish you and your families all the best at Princeton Middle School (or your next destination)!

We are so grateful to all the teachers, staff and administrators who burned the candle at both ends, all year long, to make the best of this year. Thanks to you, we're diving into summer with many good memories. We wish you all a wonderful break!

Despite the many challenges of this school year, we achieved so much together. Here are some highlights:



The 5th Graders’ Zoom-based production of Hamlet was a hit! The students took to their roles and acted wonderfully on screen. This new way of preforming was quite different, but McCarter Theater's Mr. Josh and the students made it terrific!

The 2nd and 4th Grade teachers expressed much gratitude for resident poet Luray Gross, who nurtured student poets to create beautiful and moving poetry. 

Using masked and unmasked self-portraits, the 3rd Graders created a "Legacy Mural" to memorialize this pandemic year. It is now on permanent display in the school.


In addition, CP wrapped up this year with Field Days and grade-wide picnic celebrations. We were also the only local public school to offer Clubs all year long. Hurrrraaah!



There's really no way we can thank our teachers and staff enough for the superhuman feat of teaching our children through the pandemic. As small tokens of gratitude, we served an End-of-Year lunch for CP staff yesterday, and also presented them with a special keepsake T-shirt!



Thank you for the many, many direct donations we received this year to fund classroom enrichment events -- they would not have happened without your support! While we were unable to hold the usual in-person auction and party board fundraisers, we were able to pull off several smaller fundraisers (including the Scholastic Book Fair, the Flower Sale and the Princeton Perks discount card) to supplement your direct donations.

Thanks to your generosity, we were able to provide all of the support offered in a typical year for our teachers and Parker Bear families. Thank you!



We're excited to announce a plan to refresh the CP logo over the summer! With the help of a parent who is a graphic designer -- along with input from all of you -- we hope to have a new logo in place for the new school year.  

Want to participate in the process? Send an email to



We want to acknowledge two valued PTO team members who are stepping down after several years of service: Manishi Prasad (co-president) and Danny Freund (treasurer). They have been innovative, thoughtful and dedicated and we are so grateful for their contributions. Incoming leaders Amalie Leano (co-president) and Hochul Lee (treasurer) were approved for service at last week's all-school PTO meeting. 

We also want to thank Lauren Valvanis (Parker Bear liaison) and Sarah Torian (Community Service Outreach Coordinator), who are departing their respective roles. Thank you so much for your service!

We are thrilled that so many of you are eager to join in to make sure CP is the place to be next fall. A deep bow to the following parents who've signed up so far: Patty Kim, Yahyra Alma, Mathilde Schindler, Ana Catarrivas, Constanza Ferro, Daniela Cravero, Tynehisa Hamilton, Kat Roesner, Jennifer Henderson, Danny Freund, Shannon Perriera, Kimberly de los Santos, Rona Deutsch, Kim Beury ... as well as teachers Janet McDaniel, Michael Rodos and Katie Nash

AND ... because we're expecting a year full of fun events ... we hope a few more of you will jump in, too. We need you, for jobs both big and small! (Lend a hand for some of our Welcome Back to School activities, or as our Community Service Outreach Coordinator!) Here's a link to sign up!



As grateful as we are at the prospect (fingers crossed!) of returning to school this fall, we don't necessarily want to return to business as usual. 

This is a perfect opportunity to look at what works with the PTO and what doesn't. What should we STOP doing? What should we START? What should we ACCELERATE? Please take a moment to let us know by filling out this quick survey! 

Thanks again for your support this year. We wish your family a happy, healthy summer break!