Library Book Return!
Tue, May 24 1:10pm

Attention Parents & Caregivers!


        Next week will be the last week that students  borrow materials from the school library. The final due date for returning all books is June 10th.


         Please look around your house, your car, your friends’ and babysitter’s houses, student desks and cubbies—you never know what might turn up! If you find something that belongs to the library, please turn it in. You might end up helping a friend who’s lost something too!


         If you can't find something you borrowed, and we can't find it in the library, please replace what is missing or provide the replacement cost by cash or check (written out to cash or to me) if you can.


         Overdue notices will be sent next week. Thank you and thank you very much to all the families that have donated books!!! :)


Bevan Jones

Library Media Specialist