McCaffrey's Monday's !!!
Mon, Oct 22 1:17pm
Community Park School

Do you have McCaffrey receipts ??? It's Monday turn them in and help support CP !


Did you know that you can receive up to $50.00 cash back when you shop at McCaffrey's !


Did you know that the Community Park PTO collects receipts from McCaffrey's supermarkets and that McCaffreys will donate 1% of total receipts we submit to them?


It's true!  Raising money for the PTO has never been easier!


All you need to do is save your receipts when you buy groceries at McCaffrey's and drop them in the PTO mailbox located in the front lobby of the school.  The PTO will take care of the rest!


If you have any questions, please contact Veronica Foreman, the PTO Grade Representative for 5th Grade