Open Clubs
Thu, Jan 4 10:46am
Community Park School

Dear Parents,


Thank you for your interest in clubs. Some clubs still have spots. Registration closes tomorrow at 3 pm.


Mr. Filson has agreed to run another section of Breakout EDU on Friday. If you are on the wait list, you can get a spot in that club if it suits your schedule. If you are registered for BreakoutEDU on Thursday and your schedule allows your child to take the club on Fridays, we would appreciate your flexibility and willingness to switch. There will be a few additional spots in the Friday section if there are additional students who want to take this club. Please e-mail Cara Carpenito at if you are able to switch.


Also, there is a wait list for Friday archery club, but spots on Thursday. If you have signed up for Friday archery and are willing to take the club on Thursday, I'm sure those students whose schedule does not allow for a Thursday club would appreciate being able to take the club. Please e-mail Cara Carpenito at if you can switch.


If you happen to be in Archery on Friday and Breakout EDU on Thursday and are willing to swap, that would also be very helpful to us!! We appreciate your flexibility.


The following clubs still have openings:



Little Scientists (K-1)
Yoga (K-2)
Boxes, Collage & Mod Podge (3-5)


CP Pump (gr. 4-5)
Library Makerspace (3-5) (Only 1 space)
Mad Scientists (3-5)
Memory Project (4-5)
Yoga (3-5)
Board Games (K-2)
Board Games and Fantasy Cards (3-5)


Advanced Chess (1-5)
Book Worms (K-1)
Geography Club (3-5)
Move Your Body (2-5)
Stories and Slime (grades 2 &3)
Exploration through Engineering (4-5) (2 spots)


Archery (4-5)
Bead Creations (K-2) (one spot)
Bracelets, Anklets and More (3-5)
Juegos Matematicos (1&2)
Song & Dance (3-5)


Beginner Chess (1-5)
Green Team Jr. (3-5)
Math Path (K-1)
Mix It Up (4-5)