Open Party Boards are up on Konstella! Sign Up before they Fill Up!
Wed, Oct 25 12:43pm
Community Park School
All open party board spots are up on Konstella!  It's simple to sign up!  Just login to Konstella, and in your "Feed" you will see a list of open parties where you can reserve and pay for your spot.  SO easy!
Here's what's coming up next month...
November Parties:
  • Nov 1:  "CP at the Movies!"  Parent Trap at the Princeton Garden Theater (for families)
  • Nov 5: "Yoga and Nibbles" (for grown-ups)
  • Nov 10: "Texas Hold 'em" (for grown-ups)
  • Nov 11: "I Pity the Fool who Doesn't Come to Our 80's Trivia Party" (for grown-ups)
  • Nov 17:  "Book Club for 4th Graders" (for kids)