PTO Still ISO a VP Events for Next School Year!
Mon, Apr 22 6:18pm
Community Park School

Hello, CP parents! The PTO is still in need of a parent to take over the VP Events role for 2019-20. It may sound daunting, but it's a very manageable role and involves a lot of F-U-N!  

The VP Events is in charge of organizing and coordinating the following events:

  • Fall picnic (with 1st grade parent reps)
  • Spring picnic (with kindergarten parent reps)
  • The PTO's annual party sign-up fundraiser event (with  2nd, 3rd, and 4th grade parent reps)
  • Any other events you think the PTO should undertake (with whoever wants to help!)

See? It's not so daunting! Best of all, the person who has done the role the past two years - Jennifer Ross - will still be around next year to provide guidance and is happy to connect with anyone now who might be interested in learning more details about the job (!

Please consider it! If we don't have anyone step up to take on this role, CP may miss out on these fun and community-building events next year. If you may be interested in taking on this exciting and much-needed role, please contact one of the CP PTO co-presidents (,,