RAIN PLAN for 9/9 Meet & Greets for K & 1st Grades
Thu, Sep 10 8:37am

Good morning,

Due to the rain this morning, please note the new location of your child's teacher for the Kindergarten and 1st Grade Meet & Greets this morning. The plan for 2nd and 3rd Grade Meet & Greets will be announced once we assess the weather for this afternoon.


Ms. Nash and Sra. de Leon will be in the gym

Sra. Aguilar and Ms. Gutierrez will be along the playground sidewalk distributing out of room 134 of kindergarten wing.

1st Grade

First grade will be along the CP driveway (except for Gutierrez who will be as previously stated with Aguilar).

NOTE: To walk to the gym, please use playground gate adjacent to the library. And, as always, please maintain social distance and help your children to do so as well.